I’m so glad you’re here. Together, let’s discover:

  • A parenting style that brings you energy and satisfaction
  • How to support your awesome kiddo’s big feelings (and sometimes confusing behaviors)
  • More connection, magic, and joy for your family!

counseling for my child near me


how to help my child

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counseling for my child near me, art therapy, new jersey, monmouth county, ocean county

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art therapy for kids, professional development, social emotional learning, art workshops

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Specializing in ages 3-14

ADD, autism, childhood anxiety, behavioral struggles, cranky and difficult to soothe, sensory dysregulation, traumatic brain injury, developmental differences, learning disabilities, grief and loss, overwhelm, warm and responsive parenting

504 Plan and IEP consultation

Skills Group for Pre-Teens

Ages 10-12

Groups meet weekly, new sessions start each month

Art & mindfulness activities


counseling for my child near me


social skills group pre-teens

workbook cover - break free from power struggles an art-based coaching program for parents who want to ditch the perfect parent fantasy, understand their child's behavior, and nurture more joyful connections

Break Free from Power Struggles

  • Ditch the “perfect parent” strategy
  • Permission to move beyond rewards and consequences
  • Learn what your child’s behavior is REALLY trying to tell you
  • Stop walking on eggshells and get back to the family life you always dreamed of
  • 12 week online, art-based coaching program

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Jennifer Lawrence is a Licensed Professional Art Therapist and Counselor. She also holds general and special education teacher credentials, and has worked with children and adults of every age. Jennifer loves to help kids and their grown-ups connect through yoga (CYT-500), creativity, and art.