Overwhelmed and confused by your child’s behavior?

Know you have a great kiddo, but you miss having fun together?

Have a strong desire to meet your child’s needs with warmth, while also being able to set appropriate boundaries and expectations?

I can help.

We’ll work collaboratively to:

develop strategies that help your child manage overwhelm

support big feelings and confusing behaviors

play with new ways to communicate, so everyone in the family feels heard

Art therapy is a creative approach to understanding our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Lines, shapes, and colors open the door to a whole new language, inviting me to see what’s underneath your child’s big feelings and confusing behavior.  The artmaking process allows me to follow your child through that door while offering them new ways of being in the world. Together, your child and I will add color, texture, and dimension to their experience.

Plus it’s really fun and relaxing, something we can all use more of these days!

Specializing in ages 3-14

ADD, autism, childhood anxiety, behavioral struggles, cranky and difficult to soothe, sensory dysregulation, traumatic brain injury, developmental differences, learning disabilities, grief and loss, overwhelm, warm and responsive parenting

504 Plan and IEP consultation

counseling for my child near me

Art therapy and counseling for families in New Jersey

What to expect in a typical session

During an art therapy session we might: 



-solve problems

-practice self-regulation

-feel ALL the feelings

-experiment with mindfulness and, of course,

-use art materials!


Some of the goals of art therapy and counseling include:

-self-expression, especially during challenging situations

-increased confidence

-flexible and creative problem- solving skills

-a calmer body and mind

-greater playfulness and kindness in everyday life

“What better place than the untidy world of art to practice ways of dealing with the messiness of life.”

                                         -Erica Curtis & Ping Ho, The Innovative Parent

Me and my own kiddo!

Jennifer Lawrence, LPAT, LPC is a licensed professional counselor, board certified registered art therapist, and certified yoga teacher who has almost 30 years experience as an educator and therapist. She lives in central New Jersey with her daughter and husband.

Jennifer received her BA from the University of San Diego in Elementary Education and completed her special education credential in graduate school. She gained an MA in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology with a concentration in Art Therapy and Play Therapy from Naropa University. She has supported a wide range of ages and issues, from preschoolers living with mental health issues, grieving children and their families, kids who were adopted internationally, and adults living with traumatic brain injury and stroke. She is the co-creator of the award-winning program Healing with Horses which she ran for several years before moving to the East Coast. Jennifer has presented nationally at several professional conferences, including the American Art Therapy Association. She holds specialized certifications in dyslexia remediation, the Listening Program, and trauma-conscious and adapted yoga methods.

New Jersey LPC #37PC00570400

New Jersey LPAT #16LP00003800

counseling for my child near me

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