5 Relaxing Art Prompts for When It’s Too Hot to Do Anything Else

I don’t know about you, but as the summer draws to a close I’m on the look out for easy and relaxing activities. I’ve put together a few of my favorite ways to use art materials when it’s too hot for anything else.

These are open-ended enough that everyone in the family can do them, no complicated directions to follow, and little to no-prep involved.

And if you live with a kiddo who gets overwhelmed easily, these prompts all offer the extra bonus of inviting sensory integration, the foundation for a calm body and mind.

Nature collage

mandala made of leaves and other natural items

Take a nature walk and gather up interesting items. Create an image or sculpture using the items.

watercolor painting

Don’t worry about how it looks. Simply turn yourself over to exploring the sensations of water and color, gliding over the paper.

Coloring Sheets

Sometimes you just don’t want to have to think. Coloring sheets can bring on a calm state of mind in no time.

back-and-forth scribble drawings

Best done in silence, think of it as a conversation on the page. You make a mark, then pass the paper to your kiddo who makes their own mark, and so on. Enjoy how the image takes on a life of its own!

family vision boards

At the end of the summer this a great activity for either reflecting on all of your adventures, or documenting your goals for back-to-school. Look for images, words, and textures that remind you of your best self.

bonus for the grown-ups! blind contour drawing

This is a fantastic way to reset and ground, and it can take as little or as much time as you want it to. Basically, you draw an object you see without looking down at your paper or lifting up your pencil. Here’s a quick tutorial.

Let me know which prompts you try! Tag @mindfulmessesarttherapy in Instagram, and use #mindfulmesses. Enjoy!

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