Is your child a therapy drop-out?

Does he do more bouncing off the walls than actual therapy?

Has limited access to language, sensory processing issues, or behavioral issues prevented your child from making the most of expensive therapy?

Can your highly verbal kid discuss the most abstract ideas, but can’t seem to complete the simplest tasks?

I’m so glad you’re here.

I will meet your child where she is, right in this moment.

I will see his strengths and build on them.

Together we’ll creatively explore your child’s sensory, language, and behavioral needs, gathering successes along the way.

And, I’ll provide YOU with support and psycho-education, growing your toolbox for sustainable self-care and doable strategies for supporting your differently wired kiddo.



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  • Wellness tips
  • Yoga, mindfulness, and breath practices
  • Art for neurodiverse kids
  • Creativity for tired mamas