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Got big feelings? Teach emotional regulation by making monsters!

Did you know that we aren’t born knowing how to manage discomfort? Think about it… when a baby is uncomfortable, she cries. That’s it.  The goal of that cry isn’t to discharge a feeling, but rather it signals to a caregiver “I need help.” This need for help, to some degree or another, continues through …

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Body Awareness Activities for a Happy Kid

Poor body awareness can often go hand-in-hand with asynchronous development. Things that seem simple to typically developing peers can be a struggle for those who are differently wired, causing confusion for those around them. Things that seem obvious and simple to most of us, often confound kids living with asynchronous development.   For example: Anxiety and …

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Supporting Your Child Through Transitions

We’re gearing up for summer vacation where I live and that’s got me thinking about transitions.  Any time things change – think the end of the school year, going on vacation, having visitors, even family circumstances like moving or changes in employment – you and your child will be facing a transition. In addition, some …

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