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You’ve worked hard to find solutions for your child and your family. You long for better connection, greater ease, and a sense of relief. Perhaps you’ve wondered if it’s time to seek support for your child or yourself. 

Art therapy and counseling may be the missing piece in your family’s wellness journey.


Some things to know about art therapy:

  • You do NOT have to have a mental health diagnosis or a “serious” problem
  • You do NOT have to be “good” at art, or even like art! 
  • You DO get excited about looking at things creatively
  • You DO want to learn how to express yourself in new and more effective ways


Benefits to participating in therapy:

  • You’ll have a safe space to explore a range of issues. What you explore will remain private and confidential – including your art-making!
  • You’ll build resilience for being able to handle uncomfortable feelings and for dealing with unpredictability
  • You’ll develop new ways of expressing yourself and explore ways to communicate more effectively
  • You’ll have the opportunity to problem-solve, gain perspective, and develop strategies and tools for dealing with common life experiences including:

 grief and loss, friendship issues, communication difficulties with people who are important to you, struggling in school, adoption and identity issues, feeling angry/anxious/depressed more often than you’d like…

…just to name a few.


Located at Sensory Playground Pediatric Therapy Center:

79 Route 520, Ste 101

Morganville, NJ 07726 



to schedule a consultation.

Not ready for a counseling session? Check out my Sing and Move Group!

Using a combo of mindfulness activities, songs, yoga and dance we playfully practice attention, focus, and communication skills.

Perfect for kiddos ages 3-8.

Saturday mornings, 10-10:30. 

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Me and my dear daughter, Susanna!
               Me and my dear daughter, Susanna!

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More groups coming soon including mama wellness workshops, resilient parenting workshops, open studio for relaxation, sensory integration, and creative expression, and online courses.


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