“How do I get my kid to listen without yelling at them?”

You’re ready to try something new, to parent with connection and respect, AND you have no idea where to start. The usual parenting tips don’t seem to work with your quirky, unique, sensitive kiddo


You long for a different approach, and you’ve come to the right place  


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Specializing in ages 3-14

ADD, autism, childhood anxiety, behavioral struggles, cranky and difficult to soothe, sensory dysregulation, traumatic brain injury, developmental differences, learning disabilities, grief and loss, overwhelm, warm and responsive parenting

504 Plan and IEP consultation

counseling for my child near me

Art therapy and counseling for families in New Jersey

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how do I get my kid to listen without yelling at them

Jennifer Lawrence is a Licensed Professional Art Therapist and Counselor. She also holds general and special education teacher credentials, and has worked with children and adults of every age. Jennifer loves to help kids and their grown-ups connect through yoga (CYT-500), creativity, and art.

counseling for my child near me

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