Now offering The Listening Program (TLP)!

This innovative tool from Advanced Brain Technology offers a music listening method that is:

  • easy to use
  • done at home or during your therapy session
  • personalized to your family’s brain health goals

The Listening Program is a research-based approach to optimizing brain health through auditory stimulation. The listener enjoys 15-30 minutes a day of acoustically modified music while behind the scenes the music is strengthening neurological pathways.

TLP can benefit most anyone. It specializes in addressing seven key areas of neurological health:

  • executive function
  • communication
  • auditory processing
  • stress response
  • social & emotional function
  • motor coordination
  • creativity

If you or anyone in your family would like to optimize any of these areas in your life, call me for a consultation –  720-771-6933.

Want more details and love to know the whys and hows? Definitely check out a breakdown of the science here.

inTime listening and movement training coming soon!



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