Womb Blessings & Female Energy Attunements

Worldwide Womb Blessing

The Worldwide Womb Blessing is a distant group-based energy activity, and the healing and awakening is focused on the energies and soul patterns of the group of women that are taking part at a particular chosen time.  It is done alone at home, or in a group organized by an authorized Moon Mother. Registration is free and can be done here. 2021 dates – February 27, May 26, August 22, October 20, December 19

Personal Womb blessing/female energy attunement – $150/session

A Personal Womb Blessing/Energy Attunement is a hands-on energy technique given by an authorized Moon Mother, in person or online, to raise a female-identifying person’s energy to the vibration of Divine Feminine love and light.  It focuses on the specific needs and personal development of the person receiving it.


Regular Personal Womb Blessing attunements are

  • a path of deep healing for your female energies and cycle
  • a powerful and personal path of awakening to your authentic femininity to embrace and express the full power, beauty, love, creativity and sexuality of the woman that lies within you.
  • a new way of living and empowering your life
  • a monthly sanctuary to restore your energies and become ‘me’ again
  • a path of female personal development, awakening you to your full potential as a woman
  • a path of spiritual development, opening your awareness to the Divine Feminine and bringing your natural spirituality into your life

Personal Womb Blessings can also be received as:

  • a rite of passage/celebration of first menstruation, validating a girl’s awakening of her cyclic nature and validating this nature as positive and powerful
  • a rite of passage/celebration for menopause, marriage, becoming a mother, or for divorce, grief and loss
  • a celebration of everything it means to be female
  • a personal and physical prayer – a merging of our female nature with the Divine Feminine

Learn more about what happens during a Womb Blessing here.

womb healing – $50/session

A Womb Healing is a gentle and relaxing hands-on (or virtual) healing sequence given by an authorized Moon Mother who focuses the Divine Feminine energy in a series of hand positions on the three main female energy centers and on specific energy points on the female body that relate to the energies of the four female archetypes.

The Womb Healing/Female Energy Balancing is designed to counteract the effects of modern life by

  • Replenishing depleted archetypal energy centers so we feel whole and comfortable with all aspects of our self.
  • Helping to harmonize the flow from one archetype/phase to the next so we flow gracefully through the changes of our cyclic nature, whether in association with the menstrual cycle or the lunar cycle.
  • Energizing the three main female energy centers, including the womb energy center, bringing feelings of wholeness, stress relief and being centered, safe and empowered within our femininity again.
  • Clearing blocks that restrict our archetypal energies so that we live a richer version of our femininity, accessing the creativity, sexuality, intuition, clarity, wisdom and spirituality that lies in our authentic nature.

It is also ideal to help support peri-menopausal and post-menopausal women as they go through the archetypal energy changes which transform them into the ultimate stage of female life development.

Learn more about what to expect during a Womb Healing here.

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