Private yoga sessions – by appointment

This is a great option for anyone who wants to get started with a yoga practice, wants individualized attention, or needs a home-based option. $75/45 minute session

Family yoga is also available. This fun and gentle practice is designed to help mamas ground and center, while also connecting you with your child through playful movement sequences.  Adapted to be accessible to all participants. $50/30 minute session

Or, gather you kiddo and a couple of friends together for an adapted yoga and art session. Specifically designed to meet your child’s goals such as increased attention and focus, expanded language skills, or to strengthen fine and gross motor skills. We’ll explore movement and artmaking, all while promoting positive social interactions. I’ll come to your home or we can meet at my office. Online groups are available while safe distancing guidelines are in place. $25/participant/session, reduced rates for 3-6 session packages

Mama wind-Down yoga

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This slow and easy practice is designed to help mamas wind-down at the end of the day. We’ll explore finding our calm, ease, and strength through this series of magical movements. $25


All sessions are provided online, through the video conferencing app Zoom. You can access sessions through your mobile device or through your computer. If you are new to Zoom don’t worry! I’ve got a handy how-to guide to get you started and I’m happy to do a test call with you, before our first session.



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